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Incredible Facts About Newborn Babies You Need To Discover

When it comes to babies, we mostly enthused by their cute and lovely looks not considering anything with regards to the kind of stages they go through to become adults. It will amaze you to know that these babies are not just cute but there are truly some incredible facts that will be of interest to you no matter who you are.

One may wonder how these babies get satisfied looking at their sizes and the fact that they just take in milk. The size of a baby's stomach grows quickly within the first two weeks. Within the first few days, it expands to the size of a cherry. By the end of the first week, it's close to apricot and a hen's egg by the end of week two. So despite how small it is, it's fascinating to know the speed with which it grows.

This is one of the strangest facts you need to know, did you know that in the first few days after birth, babies' breasts can swell and fluids may leak from their nipples. It's nothing to worry about and is perfectly normal, affecting around 5 per cent of newborns.

A baby's eye colour is likely to change in the first few months, due to changes in the protein melanin. Less melanin is likely to result in blue eyes, while more can cause eyes to look green, hazel or brown. Most babies have their true eye colour by six months. 

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