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Men should refrain from these bad practices

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As humans, we all have ambitions and goals that make us special in one way or the other. Such ambitions differ us from others. One thing that can be categorized about us humans is childbirth or giving birth. It is happy to be called dad by a toddler or your child. Every man's dream is to have a household of his own, but not every man lives this vision. As a man, one should take note his health is very significant and that you must take care to be medically fit and strong. The same goes for men who dream of having babies. To avoid health problems that could prevent you from having babies, you need to be aware of your health and stave off anything that can cause you lifelong disappointments.

In this article, I will enlighten my readers on the necessary measures required of every man to prevent them from having any setbacks in their lives.

To begin with first on the list is smoking.

1. Smoking

Smoking has little or no health benefits. Tobacco has so many negative effects on human health. Smoking of any kind is not good for a man who wants to be reproductive. It can make it ineffective (infertility). It can also cause pregnant women to lose their babies in the form of a miscarriage.

2. Alcohol use

Some people believe that alcohol helps men be active. Alcohol does a lot of harm than good, especially if you have a weak immune system. If your wife is pregnant, it would be better to educate her about the effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. She shouldn't take alcohol at all as it will cause serious problems for both her and her baby

3. Lack of physical activity

When you are not physically active, it can affect your body system. This leads to obesity, which is not good for anyone. This affects men's intimate life by limiting the function of their reproductive organs, which leads to infertility. Being underweight can also lead to infertility.

You should avoid these things and live a good and healthy lifestyle if you plan to have babies in the future. This can also reduce the risk of other deadly health conditions such as diabetes, liver problems, heart disease, kidney and other

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