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Can you relate to these funny pictures?

Just look at these funny pictures and see if you can relate.

1. Most of us have done this especially when the food is being offered by someone you are so shy of.

Sometimes too,we behave like this after we had said "I am not hungry" but wants to eat and the persistence giving you the food sees you want to eat just by looking at your demeanor.

2. most at times parents urge their children to do a specific type of job or be a certain type of person. They choose the type of behaviour they want their children to portray and their children end up being two faced. Most end up doing what they like and what their parents like simultaneously.

3. You have a spoilt mind if you saw this something else other than a man kissing a baby. You need your brain check if you saw otherwise.

Which of these can you relate to? Put them in the comments section!

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