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Don't Show Anything Ugly To Children - Captain Smart Advises

The firm and outspoken media personality, Blessed Godsbrain Smart but popularly known as Captain Smart advises the adults all over the world to make sure that they don't show anything ugly to children.

According to Captain Smart, this is because the children below the age of eighteen (18) years capture things in their minds very quickly and they get stuck forever.

When this happens, disgusting things that seem to be worst and need attention to be solved become normal to the children which are very bad.

Captain Smart sent this advice to the adults today after yesterday's heavy downpour caused havoc in most of the regions in Ghana. Children were seen hovering around the scene and Captain Smart said the children around the scene will see the serious incident as normal and when they become ministers in the future, they will fail to solve the nation's problem because they saw it as normal in their era.

Watch the video linked here.

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