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Pregnancy period

Do This To Relieve The Discomfort, Reflux, Or Heart Burns You Get After Eating

Do This To Relieve The Discomfort, Reflux, Or Heart Burns You Get After Eating.

Reflux or heartburn is the discomfort one feels after eating a meal. It is caused by a lot of factors including the type of meal consumed (spicy foods, caffeinated beverages), weakened muscles (cardiac sphincter) that control the inlet of food into the stomach, pregnancy, being overweight, smoking, some medications (NSAIDs), and many more. It is most common among pregnant women. This is because, in pregnancy, the womb exerts some pressure on the stomach that pushes the stomach content including the stomach acid upward. That's why after a small meal, pregnant women become full and experience reflux (movement of stomach content upward out of the stomach) that results in heartburns. 

To prevent this discomfort from occurring this is what you need to do.

1. Standing upright for about 30 minutes to one hour after eating a meal and avoid late-night eating. This ensures that the food settles down in the stomach with the help of gravity and speeds up digestion as well. Also, the enzymes responsible for digestion are not fully active during the night so foods consumed late at night turns to remain in the stomach and can cause heartburns especially when you go to bed right after eating.

2. Avoid foods that trigger acid reflux or heartburn. They include spicy foods, coffee, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and carbonated drinks. It is your duty to try and identify any of these foods that trigger your heart burns and avoid it or avoid all foods in these categories altogether.

3. If you are a smoker, avoid smoking

If your heartburn or acid reflux persists, please see a doctor for a diagnosis and management.

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