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Pregnancy period

Pregnant Lady Threatens To Abort Baby After Father Failed To Accept Pregnancy (Photos)

Pregnancy is said to occur when a sperm fertilizes an egg after it has been released from the ovary during ovulation. Many things happen before a person gets pregnant. An egg lives for 12–24 hours after ovulation. This means that fertilization can occur if intercourse happens anywhere from several days before. There is intercourse, then the egg is fertilized by the sperms and then implantation then pregnancy. These processed can happen across series of days or weeks depending on the individual. Couples are normally very happy and joyous when they hear that they are having a baby. A baby can bring joy to a family and even help to bring family members together.

Mostly, we hear issues of men running away when they hear that their partners are pregnant for them. This in most cases is because the pregnancy is unplanned or the couples are not ready to have a child. There is a lady known as Success who is claiming that she will abort her unborn baby since her father has rejected the baby on the basis that he wants to move on with his life. This lady came out online to ask for people to tell her a place in Abuja that she can get to abort the baby so that she can be free because she claims that she is tired of carrying the pregnancy without any support from the baby's father. My team and I got some pictures.

Photo Credit: GhGossip

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