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Pregnancy period

How your diet during pregnancy might affect the foods she eats for years to come.

your baby’s sense of taste begins offevolved developing early in pregnancy. Even aleven though your child won’t be chowing down on solid foods for many months, it’s by no means too soon to begin exposing her to a lot of tastes. He/She tastes what you taste — and it's been discovered that the foods you eat in the course of this time help shape what your baby will enjoy eating, even years later.Even though your digestive system is separate out of your baby’s, molecules of the food you consume make their way into your amniotic fluid. It's not only vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins, but also a number of the molecules that give foods their unique tastes. The flavors your baby tastes inside the womb, though, won’t be quite as strong or distinct as those you taste. That’s due to the fact a whole lot of what you think of as the flavor of a food is honestly its smell, that is transmitted to your nostril via the air. Since your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid, she only tastes molecules out of your bloodstream and doesn’t have the sense of scent yet to increase those flavors. But regardless of this blunted sense of taste, your baby will start to apprehend foods.

 moms who drank energy drink or alcoholic drinks during the last trimester of pregnancy had babies who, when they began out weaning, made fewer negative faces when fed energy drink.

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