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Pregnancy period

How to avoid teenage pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most common heart desires of every woman in this life. About seventy percent of women cry for the fruit of the womb every blessed day.

Contrary to this some women also become troubled when they get pregnant. Here are some of the solutions to such problems.

Abstinence is the only way to truly avoid pregnancy, but if you’re sexually active, it’s important to know all of your options.

Although birth control can help prevent pregnancy, it won’t do you any good if you aren’t taking it on time or changing it as needed. And birth control methods, even when taken correctly, can fail.

Also Here’s what you can do to ensure you have the right birth control method and are using it correctly.

Take the pill at the same time every day. If you take the pill too early or too late, it can disrupt your hormonal balance.

This can make the pill less effective. Avoid missed doses. When you miss a day, your birth control becomes less effective.

Inception control is highly effective at preventing pregnancy, but it won’t prevent you from sexually transmitted infections.

That’s why you should double up by using barrier protection. Condoms are the only way to prevent STIs, and including hormonal birth control increases the protection.

Moreover, you can also use male and female condoms at the same time. Male and female contraceptives are available at your local drugstore or health clinic.

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