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Pregnancy period

Massive Reaction As 12 Years Old Girl Gives birth.

2021 is really a year to remembered because it came with many gift including, fire outbreaks in some part of the world, racism, police brutality and famously, Covid-19.

Though all these gift 2021 gave us was globally, it also dashed us personal ones in our individual countries.

Teenage pregnancy in Ghana isn't really something that happens all the time. Though we've seen and heard of several teen's girl who become pregnant, we don't really know why it happens all the time despite the advice and precautions taken. Just in the beginning of this month of October, a preteen whose name is unknown gave birth to a baby boy. What's surprising here is her age. She's just 12 years old. As you can see in the picture below, she's on her maternity bed and the face of her baby can't be revealed because of some reasons. I think her family did the right thing by taking her to hospital to deliver but, the question here is, are we always going to sit and watch our young teen girls give birth without any action taken on the men who impregnate them?

Though her age is young, but she isn't the youngest because, a girl called Lina also gave birth at 5.

Teenage pregnancy should be avoided at all cost because, it affects the teen girls allot because, first, it makes them become mother's at an early age, they have to deal with the hate from they receive from the society, they've got to stop schooling and some of them, contact HIV unknowingly.

What punishment will be given to the man who impregnated her?

Though parents try their best to avoid their teen girls from getting pregnant, do you think the teen girls should be blamed for getting pregnant too?

I wasn't surprised to see that most of the HIV patient we have in Ghana are women, and it was really astounding to see the number of girls who wrote their WAEC whiles pregnant.

Tell me the comments, what do you think is the best away to end this teenage pregnancy in the country once and for all?

Have a good day.As always"we see differently"

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