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Parent Storms campus of Wey Gey Hey to withdraw daughter over fasting

A parent of a moslem girl at one of Ghana's prestigious senior high schools today stormed the campus of the school to make a very strange demand .

The parent drove all the way from Accra to Wesley Girls high school in Cape coast to withdraw his daughter from the school.

According to the parent,he does not understand why the school is not allowing his daughter and other Moslem girls in the prestigious senior high school fast as part of the ongoing Ramadan fasting among the Islamic fraternity.

The father said I an interview that ,he heard a rumour that, Moslem girls in the school are not being allowed to fast a development which was debunked by his friend who teaches in the school.

He further added that his daughter then called him to complain of not being allowed to fast after the rumour he heard was debunked by his friend in the school.

"My daughter had admission to this school this year. In fact, for over a month, we had not heard from her. We became a bit apprehensive when some news portals reported that moslems at Wesley Girls were not allowed to pray. I had a friend who teaches in the school and he debunked the story,” he explained.

He continued, “two days ago, I had a call from my daughter and she complained that they were not allowing her to fast. I know my daughter; she’s been fasting right from the primary school through to the Junior High School and so I became worried.”

According to the father,this message from his daughter angered him and he stormed the school to withdraw his daughter from the prestigious school.

According to Mr Alhassan Zakaria Ismael,upon his arrival at the school,he was told by the headmaster of the school that,it is not only Moslems that are not allowed to fast but also students from other denominations.

A development Mr Zakaria said he wasn't convinced about.

He added that ,he really love the school but is worried his daughter was not being allowed to exercise her religious rights.

The girl in question Bushira Ismael was called by the headmaster of the school and asked whether she wanted to go home and fast or stay on campus and learn .

The girl choose to stay on campus and learn and the father said he had no option to allow his daughter stay on campus and learn because that is what she has chosen.

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