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Hiccups: The Sound Most Mothers Dread.

Hiccups are reflexive action. This means it can't be stopped from happening. Its just like sneezing or coughing. Alot of triggers are known to be the cause. Excess air in the stomach, irritation in the esophagus and stress but keep in mind that there are no concret reasons for hiccups.

Hiccups is something that happens to both babies and adults. As adults may find it uncomfortable or a minor inconvenience they turn to cause less distress in babies. I usually tell my new mothers who complain about their babies having hiccups to give them breastmilk and always burp well because as adults take in water during this instances babies too need same and that's the breastmilk(it contains both water and food).

Although it annoying to adults and older children, hiccups are usually a short-lived experience for babies, lasting only a few minutes. Babies are also typically not bothered by hiccups.

Hiccups is not something a mother should not be anxious about, it may be possible to help prevent them in babies and even stop them when they do happen. It is usually ohk to leave a baby to stop hiccupping but when it's persisting that when you would need a doctor.

What is the cause.

Hiccups are caused by a contraction of the diaphragm and the quick closing of the vocal cords. The rapid closing of the vocal cords is what creates the sound of hiccups.

Some studies have shown that hiccups may be significant to the development of babies brain. Hiccups start when their in your womb.

What to do when babies become uncomfortable.

♤Burp your baby on the back.Taking a break from feeding to burp. Burping your baby may help get rid of excess gas that may cause hiccups.

♤Give them a pacifier. Use a pacifier because hiccups don't always start from a feeding. The sucking motion of a pacifier could help soothe a baby who is hiccuping and lessen the diaphragm spasms.

♤Just let the hiccups run their course and it will stop on it own.

♤Changing feeding positions. It is always advisable to feed your baby in an upright position. Support your baby with a pillow in other not to be lying flat on the bed whiles feeding and this reduce the intake of air whiles feeding.

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