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Devota Was Born With Four Fingers And Four Toes | Meet The Girl With Extraordinary Fingers And Toes.

Devota has only four fingers and four toes

Most times, a lot of horrible things happen to us, and it is how we handle them that makes our life either better or worse. This article is about the story of a woman called Delphin whose daughter was born with only four fingers and four toes. Meet the girl with extraordinary fingers and toes.

According to Delphin, she lives with her husband who is disabled and does begging for money as his permanent job. Delphin gave birth to her first daughter and everybody in her village was shocked at her daughter's looks. As everyone normal human being is born with five fingers and toes, Delphin's daughter was born with only four fingers and four toes.

Delphin's daughter is called Devota. She is ten years old but because of her disorder, she still looks like a baby which makes it hard for people to believe that she is that old.

According to Delphin, it all started 12 years ago when she was living with her parents. Everything was normal with her, but it took her a very long time to get a husband. This was when he met her husband and both started to live as husband and wife.

After two years, they decided to have a baby and this was when she got pregnant. She took good care of herself so that she would have a normal baby, but this did not turn out as she expected because when she went to the hospital to give birth, things turn out different. She gave birth to a baby with a very big head, and they thought that she was affected by a disease known as hydrocephalus, which is a condition where babies are born with fluid inside their head and become big.

After her birth, her husband came to the hospital and become very disappointed after seeing his baby. According to Delphin, it took her husband time to get over it. He was confused because no one in her family had this kind of problem or anything similar to her daughter's disorder. Her wife's family also has no traces of her daughter's disorder.

Devota started growing up but the way she grew, did not seem normal at all because her body did not grow well as that of other children. But instead of her growing, it was the head that grew instead. Her toes and fingers became so hard which made it so hard for other children to associate with her.

When Devota grew up, it was obvious that hydrocephalus was not her case and up till today, they do not know what caused the head size to increase that way. Devota has four fingers and four toes which make her an extraordinary person in her village. Even though her mother does not feel comfortable with her fingers and toes but coping with it.

According to Delphin, Devota may be having a mental disorder because a lot of times, she does things that are not normal and says things that are not related. Sometimes, she acts like she is mentally ill.

As time went on, the children in the community started getting used to Devota. They play together and upon just looking at them, one will realize that these children are older than Devota, but it is not. She is 8 years older than them.

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