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The Minister of Education should be withdrawn from office [Opinion]

The current minister of education of Ghana should be withdrawn or sacked because of the following:

He is trying to change Ghana's system of education to that of the foreign countries that are developed. He has been the headmaster of a number of schools in the states and has adapted to their system of learning such that he thinks Ghana's educational system can also be as such. He is truly doing his best but it should be a gradual process instead of what he is doing at the moment.

They drew a plan of how SHS students will be going to school in turns because of the current pandemic but in the course of administering these plans and timetable, they are changing certain things and they are not doing it at the appropriate time too. Like how they changed the reopening date for the form 3s at once and also on they day that they had initially set.

Changing the curricula of the primary level, such that the subjects have been divided, making our children suffer in grabbing all these. Also trying to publish "anti - Ewe" books that were to be used to teach our kids.

He is indeed struggling with this position in the government and there should be a consideration to change him.

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