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Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy In The Ghanaian Society

A teenager is a person who falls between the ages of twelve and twenty or a person within the ages of thirteen to nineteen. When a girl of such ages gets pregnant, it is termed as teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy can be caused by bad peer group influence. As teenagers love to walk with their age mates and do things together, some may engage in immoral acts such as premarital sex which may lead to teenage pregnancy.

Poor parental care and control is another cause of teenage pregnancy. Some parents don't have the direct control over their children and this may result into teenage pregnancy if these children engage into immoral acts.

Another cause of teenage pregnancy is economic hardship. Teenage girls who has nobody to cater for them or come from poor families may be forced to engage into ashawo business and this may result into teenage pregnancy if care is not taken.

In other to prevent such pregnancy,;

•Teenagers should avoid negative influence from peers.

•Parents should have enough time to advise,discipline and take good care of their children.

•Teenagers especially girls should be educated on the negative effects of teenage pregnancy on both the individual and the nation.

These are some of the causes of teenage pregnancy in the Ghanaian society and some ways to prevent it.

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