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Instances when men could not stand the sight of their screaming women in the labor ward

It is said by most people that men are the bravest creatures to ever step foot on this earth. For women, the story has always been different. Many people tend to write women off when it comes to matters concerning bravery but truth be told, women can do things which most men cannot stand. They are really brave and therefore shouldn't be written off at any point in their lives.

Taking into consideration moments such as menstruation on a monthly basis, many men cannot stand the sight of blood but women have mastered the art of facing these situations without much difficulties. This should go a long way to tell you all that women can never be written off on matters regarding bravery.

This short piece of mine is aimed at some moments when men couldn't withstand the pressure which women trampled upon. These men went into the labor room with their beautiful wives and girlfriends but ended up needing medical attention. They just couldn't stand the sight of seeing the baby come out as well as the pain their women went through during delivery. An example is seen in the picture below as the man collapsed in the labor ward.

The groans and cries were too intense such that the walls of these men couldn't withstand the wrecking ball. It went straight into their walls and saw them breaking to its barest minimum. These guys only went to encourage their wives to push harder and obviously, see them deliver but it turned out to be a different story at the end of it all.

Some get to collapse, needing medical attention at the end, the facial expression of others also expresses fear and for some, they become a laughing stock to the nurses. This is clear and evident in the pictures shown in this little piece. Looking at the picture below, you get to see that even though the man had fainted, his wife found it funny.

I guess it is high time we tend to ignore the idea of ignoring women when it comes to matters concerning bravery. Women are indeed one of the bravest creatures to ever step foot on earth.

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