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Stop Exposing Your Children To Adult Content - This Is What Students Are Doing In Class Now

In the early 2000s children were just children and were quite easy to handle and deal with. However, the latter stages of the 21st Century have introduced us to a new wave of very observant children, explorative and fast learners.

The easy accessibility of technology, the internet, and primetime exposure to adult content by the mainstream media is not helping matters of raising kids with integrity and morals.

A video spotted online captured a very disturbing scene of High School students entangling themselves in a classroom while their colleagues watched on and cheered them up.

The guts, confidence, and gross disrespect they exhibited against the school authority was simply uncouth. They portrayed a lack of home training and the dangerous part was they got applause and cheers from their colleagues.

This is the new crop of leaders that going to lead the country one day and we plead with parents to be stricter on their approach to raising their kids.

Children as young as eight years old are using iPhones and Smartphones --- though, the intentions are reasonable, regular checks on their mobile devices are necessary.

In our days, even University students struggled to lay their hands on a mobile phone talk less about Junior High School students. Mobile devices are very good but in the hands of kids, parents must monitor the kinds of information they consume.

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