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Ladies: This Happens When You Leave Your Baby Alone With Your Baby 'PAPA', 11 Funny Things To Expert

I was always wondering why all funny baby videos say ‘this happens when you leave the baby alone with dad’. Aren’t daddies full of surprises? Of course, we are, we always bring out the best from the baby. The pictures below will confirm everything.

As a father, one of the difficult work for us is to take care of our babies when baby mummy is not around, changing diapers is one of the difficult tasks sometimes especially when the baby usually releases crude oil from his or her stomach. But we are the same people who make the baby so happy with our secret playing practice show in the images below. Even though some are weird but those practices make the baby so happy and always dream to leave with the father.

As fathers, we are always training, whether it's the best way to get our babies to go the hard way, the trendiest way to style our daughters' hair, or the sneakiest way to get our sons to eat their veggies. But we don't just study children, though they would probably like to think that. We also manage to learn a lot about ourselves when we become fathers especially when we are home alone with our babies.

From the silly to the serious, here are the self-discoveries you will make when you leave your baby with us(Fathers) when you are busy or going out. Do not forget to share how you love playing with your kid or babies around you by commenting in the comment box below:

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