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Pictures which will prove to you that your kids are not as stubborn as you think they are

Are your children troublesome? Do they sometimes make you feel like an asphyxiating man needing oxygen so badly?

Maybe your children are really angels sent from above. I know you'll wonder why I'm praising your children till you meet these kids I'm about to show you.

These kids did the unthinkable. They proved there are levels to stubbornness and to them, they are at the apex of the pyramid.

Some of the things they did are funny, others can trigger anger. It's up to their parents to decide which pathway their brain will interpret their actions to. Either to beat them or to just laugh.

Luckily for you, I searched and surfed the internet for pictures of such children and guess what? I found some.

I will leave their pictures below so you can judge for yourself and really see what other kids have been doing elsewhere. I bet you will praise your kids for their little flaws after going through these pictures. Enjoy

1. What is really wrong with these kids? Imagine bathing them and later coming to find out they are playing in the mud.

Why would they choose to play in the mud out of the numerous options available to them? I told you, your kids are angels.

2. And then, they decided to waste the money mom used in just a few minutes. They are literally bathing in milk.

At this moment, make sure you think wisely before you act because you might end up hurting them.

3. Imagine buying an expensive pet and realizing your kid choked it.

Look at the look on her face, she isn't even feeling pity for the poor animal. No, this is too bad but you can't blame her. She's just a kid

4. This kid probably wants to be a superhero in future. I'm sure he has been exposed to watching such movies and hence, he tried replicating them.

He can hurt himself!!!

5. God bless all mothers around the globe. They are going through a lot. You can see that this mom over here has been stressed out but she's still feeding her kid. That is the power of love.

And look at the kid, why would he do that? This is hilarious

6. They just wasted the powder. Their mom has a lot of work to do. From bathing them to washing the bedsheet. She's likely to beat the little girl because it's obvious, the baby cannot do that

7. This is what I call "pain" summarized in a single picture. Who sent him? What is wrong with this kid? What inspired this act? Well, he has a lot of questions to answer.

Honestly, what will you have done to him? Let me know in the comments.

8. This is actually funny. This kid over here imitated the cats.

Don't blame her, she just loves them

9. "You will go and meet your mom at home, you stand there".

10. How did her head end up there? Wonders shall never end. And look at her face, she's probably saying "Remove it quickly so I can go and swallow the TV remote"

11. This kid is stuck between "smiling" and "crying". What will make a kid do this? Oh no!!!

And to the parents, please if you witness such an instance, do not shout, the kid might feel scared and fall down. Move slowly till you reach him, you can then carefully lift him off the TV.

12. The black Spiderman is out here. Look at how he adjusted his right foot.

Make sure you move slowly like I already said before getting him off. Please be careful so he doesn't sustain an injury.

13. It is all cool till you ask yourself this question. How is he breathing? He's probably going to accumulate carbon dioxide over there.

14. Do you know something? They moved the chair over there, climbed it and got into the basket

15. Does he want to be a DJ in future? Look at how he has scattered the discs on the floor

16. Look at his orientation. I pity the phone in his possession. He's probably going to kill mom's battery

17. You think your kids are troublesome? Come and see what other kids are doing over here.

18. You may be having a troublesome kid but put yourself in the shoes of the parents of these kids. They have 3 troublesome kids.

I have 4 different frames of them, take a look at them one after the other.

Here, you'll think they are playing. The only thing you will worry about is, "what is the kid doing on the water closet?"

You move closer and then find out that this is what he's actually doing. He put the phone of his parents in the water.

And then, you get to the older kids and realise they are doing worse. They equated the laptop to a fish.

Aside the laptop, look at the other things they put in the water. This is too bad. To be very honest with you, I would have taught them a lesson if I were their father.

19. This is how relaxed they get when they finally get hold of your phone. This kid is probably playing a game

20. Is he okay? This kid got me laughing. This is what we call, "a chair on chair".

Your parents will come and meet you over there.

21. He pushed the chair over there, climbed it and further climbed to that stage. What if he got hurt?

22. What at all does he want to get? There are many dangers which can come out of this.

Example, the fridge can fall off, he's standing on a glass which is probably slippery. This can also lead to an accident.

And look at the mistress over there, she's ordering what she wants. Girls have always controlled boys from day one

23. This kid is trying to hide from her parents after causing trouble. Does she really think she's hiding?

24. And then there's this legend who will waste your money!!!

I told you your kids are angels. Have I been able to convince you? Or do you still stand by the fact that your kids should be considered as part of the kids on the apex of the stubbornness triangle?

You can make your opinion known in the comment section.

Before I leave, I want to tell you one thing. I love you all and thanks for staying with me.

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )


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