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Take Inspiration From The Story Of This Miracle Baby Born Twice By The Same Mother

Margaret Boemer went for a normal ultrasound after sixteen weeks of her pregnancy. She later discovered that the result was not normal at all as some clear indication of danger was seen.

"There was something unusual on the scan, and the doctor went and came back and told us that he had some bad news to tell us about our baby, that she had a sacrococcygeal teratoma," the Plano, Texas, mother revealed in an interview published by Texas Children's Hospital. "And it was so devastating and scary, because we were oblivion to what that word meant or what diagnosis that would be required."

Sacrococcygeal teratoma is a tumor that develops before birth and grows from a baby's coccyx, the tailbone.

But this was not the only bad news of Boemer's pregnancy. At first, she had been pregnant with twins, but one of the babies died before she clocked three months in the womb.

With a very big tumor stealing the baby's blood supply, Boemer's baby was getting more ill every day, doctors revealed to the expectant mother. Something needed to be done as soon as possible, and that there's a slim chance of survival.

A group of expert was gathered and they removed the baby from the womb of the mother, the baby was literally born, but not for so long, the doctors also removed the chunk of the tumor. After the surgery was conducted, the surgeons placed LynLee back inside the womb and sewed her mother's uterus closed.

And after 36 weeks into her pregnancy, the baby was finally born the second time through CS and thus became a miracle child who was born twice by the same mother.

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