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How To Conceive Or Give Birth To Twins.

How To Conceive Or Give Birth To Twins.

Twins are adorable and I guess most people will like to father or give birth to twins. I recently met a woman in the maternity ward of Krachi-District Hospital who had just delivered a triplet. Upon interacting with her, she had given birth to 3 sets of twins. The babies were beautiful and I decided to do a little research into what to do to conceive twins.

This is what I have found out. Twins can be identical or fraternal. When a fertilized egg divides into two, identical twins are formed with identical sex. When two eggs are fertilized by two separate sperms, fraternal twins are formed. There is no 100 percent thing to do to conceive twins but there are factors that increase the likelihood of giving birth to twins. They include:

1. Family history of twins. In a family where multiple people have given birth to twins, it makes everyone in the family a candidate to conceive twins.

2. Engaging in infertility treatment. This is the treatment offered to people who can't or are having fertility problems. The doctor may write prescriptions for you and these medications help the ovaries to release more eggs during ovulation. If more eggs are released, the likelihood of two eggs being fertilized is high thereby increasing the chances of giving birth to twins.

3. Use of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). In this era of technology, anything is possible. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the ways to conceive with the aid of technology. In IVF, Eggs are fertilized in a controlled laboratory to form embryos. These embryos are implanted into the womb for attachment to take place. More than two fertilized are implanted to increase the chances of giving birth to twins.

4. Women who are aged 35 and above. At the age of 35 and above, women turn to release multiple eggs during ovulation and thereby increasing the likelihood of two eggs being fertilized. The chances are higher if the woman has given birth before.

These are the ways to increase your chances of giving birth to twins.

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