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Man creates a baby saver box instead of mothers dumping their babies away he takes care of them.

Because of high increase in abortion and babies been dumped, this man created a baby saver box, so instead of dumping the child, the mothers put the baby in the box and man together with the wife take care of the child and provide for all it's needs during infancy. He has been trending on the various social media handles and most people are commending him for his great love and humanity.

This man and his wife deserves an acknowledgement and an award for this priceless act.

This is pure humanity, sometimes people prefer to do great things and avoid the little ones but actually the little ones are those that gradually turn out to be something great afterwards. The man in the picture above helps take care of "unwanted" babies that their mothers dump and leave at their residence. Truth be told there's no body in this world tagged "wanted" or "unwanted" but it's rather based on our human ideologies and certain circumstances.

If you know you can take care of your baby once born why will you go ahead and take that risk, then later put innocent children through a whole lot of trouble and even to the extreme of terminating the lives of this little ones.

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