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Pregnancy period

Ladies, Here Are Signs You Are Carrying A Healthy Baby

The goal of every pregnant woman is to have a healthy baby, and some expectant mothers will take great steps towards achieving that goal. However, lack of information can sometimes lead to unexpected results, which is why it is important to understand the symptoms of a healthy child.

1. Movement

During pregnancy, the fetus should move at least 10 times a day. Because they react to stimuli such as light, music and discomfort. However, you may not notice your baby's movements in the early stages of pregnancy, but you will feel them as your pregnancy progresses, and these movements are a sign that your baby is healthy.

2. Heartbeat

You can see your baby's heart rate for about 5 weeks, which can be easily tracked with an electronic fetal monitor. You can feel your baby's pulse by placing your hand on your belly.

3. Weight gain

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a sure sign that your baby will be healthy. You can ask your doctor to check your weight regularly and tell you whether your pregnancy is going well or not.

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