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The World is a Terrible Place: See What a Lady Did to Her New Born Baby That's Causing Alot Of Panic

The world we are in is full of strange things that happens everyday around us. A shocking discovery was made in a forest where a new born baby was dumped in the lonely bush. It was reported that in this forest the mom gave up the baby, who was later saved by a passerby.

While reacting to the mother's action, people have warned of the wrath of God coming to hit the wicked woman for performing such a wicked act.

Meanwhile, the exact location of such a malicious act remains unknown. Cases of women who leave babies in the bush have been more rampant these days after delivery. It is high time the government took serious measures against such people in order to stop these evil acts.

Here are people's reaction:

Some of the people who reacted with anger to this sad happening said that many women cry out for the lack of children and there is no reason for the woman to throw away a great gift from God.

Do you think the mother of the baby is right to dump her baby inside the bush because it's an unwanted baby? let's hear from you

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