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Filling Your Wife's Absence At Home

It is important to notice the great works by our mothers from pregnancy stage to nurturing an infant to adolescent.

But there are good roles played by our father's and boy-friends. It is their love towards.

It is true our father's beat us when we are wrong but what about them, do you know you can teach them, send it to them or you Father's can learn to make a change at Home.

1.Our father's shouldn't forget shouting on their kids only frightens them. It leads a fear in them that they begin to see no love in your eyes but sometimes pamper them with respectful teachings.

2. Several beating does not easily change a child. There may be a character trait in him or her that causes them to do that. So when you continue to beat them, they become use to it and later grow wings.They begin to feel older and not respect you when they grow. But when you get used to it or identity it, yiu fix it by speaking to them and praying for them.

3.For our children not to ignore us, fathers must know how to treat their kids. When a kid is curbed when young he or she grows to be respectful. He or she wishes to always be like you and take the steps you took. He feel you are mommy when real mommy is not around. Home is never empty but complete with you.

4.Our dad's can also turn out to mothers. Mummies absence will always be present when dad is mommy. Let them feel without you the house is not a home.

5.Remember, fathers don't speak harmful words at your children . And they will surely obey their parents and the scriptures will be fulfilled.

I love you all for the change.

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