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The New Old Age, The support system.

Many Older Adults Lack Even Simple, Caring Kits

In our part of the World, old age is something that we have always said it’s a consecration from God. But many at times the hideous nature of our Old men and women are something that startles the Devil himself.

Ranging from their condition of HEALTH to poor standard of living. We know the circumstances that presents itself when aging especially from 60 years going. From failing health to several other factors that few gets control over as a result of the choices they made earlier in their life.

On would recall that there has been several reports of some old aged women being classified as Witches. A classic example is the witch camp in the northern part of Ghana. In this modern age we still holds a firm believe that some approaches of our old men and women could be term as witchery when in reality we could control and manage some of them.

Apart from our unplanned retirement system as a country, we should be able to support these old men and woman with some plain and simple equipment that will aid them even if they have no caretakers at home.

It would surprise you that simple equipment such as Railings, grab bars, shower chairs and other inexpensive devices that can aid them to continue living easier are in abundance, but not enough older people are able to acquire them. This is something you and I can make a difference.

Let’s change the status quo and dash a single equipment to any old aged in our society.

Have a blessed day.


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