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One Reason a Woman who Has Given Birth Deserves to Be Treated Like a Queen (Opinion)

First of all, let's say a word of thank you to all women who take credit for global population! They brought us from the world of the unborn. They alone felt the pinch and pains of the whole process some of us are not well aware of today.

Getting pregnant happens like a snap of fingers for some but very many other women sacrify and suffer a lot before conceiving. This alone is a living testimony of the love women have for humanity.

Whenever I see a pregnant Woman with her morning sickness, throwing up, experiencing nausea and the rest, I feel very sorry for her.

The first three months of pregnancy, the second and third ones come with various physical, emotional, mental and even social, spiritual challenges the expectant mum has to bear all alone:

Go to any hospital and watch the pains written all over the faces of those in labour, most importantly those in travail, whose very lives are in great danger just to ensure that babies are born and delivered safely to perpetuate mankind.

Whenever I cast my mind back to what my dear mom and that of my kids went through, I tell myself I cannot thank and reward them enough for everything.

Many who couldn't stand childbirth pains die or kill their babies in the childbirth process.

Let's be appreciative of the mere fact that we weren't aborted. Let's do something as global citizens about high rate of death among expectant mums in some parts of the world.

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