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Pregnancy period

Check Out The Price Range Of Fake Baby Bumps In Ghana

Carrying body parts has come a long way. From the days cotton/towels were used to fill in certain body parts, to the days when body parts could be made to fit the exact body shape. Thanks to advanced technology and 3D printing, materials like silicone can be made of any length, width or thickness. As a result, body parts such as thighs, calves, lower abdomen and abdomen can be easily shaped and easily available in the market for anyone who is interested in buying. Even a belly that should look pregnant when there is no pregnancy can be easily shaped.

The wrong body part of the abdomen during pregnancy is widely used for stage and screen performances, advertising and retail sales, and in many cases as maternity wear, medical training, or surrogacy.

These fake "baby bumps" look real when worn like any other fake body part, as any other pregnant person would look, and to keep things interesting they are being sold in the market like fake hips and buttocks.

Based on the requests we have made on several trading sites and local markets, the price of these fake baby bumps ranges from 120.00 Ghc to 720.00 Ghc, depending on the quality of the material, size and skin type of the wrong tummy. As cheap and common as the "baby strokes" on the market, only a medical examination or pregnancy test can really prove whether a person is pregnant or not, not just what a person looks like from a distance.

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