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Pregnancy period

I Have Been Pregnant for 3 Years; Read What Happened to me Today - (Fiction)

I got pregnant on January, 2018, when I was 22 years old. After two months I got pregnant, I visited a doctor for advice.

When in October, 2018, I was hoping to deliver. October past, I didn't deliver. I had to see my doctor but sake of money matter, I wasn't able to see the doctor. November too elapsed but I didn't deliver. This time, I have to see my doctor. I saw the doctor, although I wasn't having money.

The doctor tried all his best to find out what has made me not giving birth yet, but to no avail. But the doctor assured me that I will give birth in December. So I left cheerfully. But unfortunately, I didn't give birth in December, 2018. I realized I can't do anything with the pregnancy. This was because, I didn't have money for operation. So I said that anytime I will deliver, I like. Many of my neighbours who know I have not given birth after nine months have been humiliating me. Some say I'm a witch to carry a baby in the womb for three years. Others say I'm a doomed girl. Most of my optimists who know my situation has been telling me to see a prophet or a pastor. Since I don't believe in Christianity, I have been refusing to listen to what they say.

But today on 25 March, 2021, around 7:10pm, when I woke up from a short sleep, my stomach looked flat as if I have not eat for a month. Where is my pregnancy? I asked myself. I was extremely shocked that the baby in my stomach has lost, and within some hours my stomach has flattened drastically. But when I got to the gate, I saw a baby lying in front of the gate. The moment I saw the baby, I screamed and fell down. But I don't know if I should take the baby or not.

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