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Meet The World's First Pregnant Man, Who Gave Birth To Four Children - PHOTOS

Thomas Trace Beatie was given birth to as a female. He was formerly known as Tracy Lagondino, and the reason why she underwent surgery to become a man was because of a woman. She was in love with a woman named Nancy, but same sex marriage wasn't allowed in Hawaii so she had to go for a sex change to be with her.

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Tracy, who now lives as a man and is known as Thomas Trace Beatie, got married to Nancy after she underwent the sex change. He had his mammary glands removed and flattened his chest. He kept his female reproductive organs when he became a man legally.

He's been having bimonthly hormone injections to cease menstruation but he put a stop to it in 2006 so he could continue menstruating. Due to some reasons, Nancy couldn't give birth so he had to give birth. Through artificial insemination, a donor sperm was used to fertilize his own eggs. Through this, he had his first baby, Susan.

At the time he was pregnant with Susan, people were amazed. They wondered how a man would be able to get pregnant, but he did because he still had some female parts on him. He continued until he gave birth to the fourth child. In 2012, Nancy and Beatie filed for divorce and went their separate ways.

After their divorce, Beatie had surgery and removed the remaining female parts he's kept with him. Currently, he's married to Amber and they've given birth to one child (Amber Got Pregnant). So in all, Beatie has 5 children; 4 from himself and one from his new wife, Amber.

Photos of Pregnant Thomas Beatie;

Thomas lives as a public speaker, author and advocate of transgender and sexuality issues with a focus on transgender fertility and reproductive rights.

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