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Meet the youngest mother in the world :she holds the Guinness world records for several years

Lina breaks the world Guinness record when she give birth to an offspring at the age of five years and half.

Lina Marcela Medina is affirmed to be the most youthful mother ever, natural interaction at the youthful age of five years and seven months later. 

risked upon A fascinating story in history a couple 5-year-old Joined Countries office got pregnant and brought forth a child. 

Author, Andrei Tapalaga Joined Countries organization composed the story on his Medium record and included on the Historical backdrop of Yesterday class concedes that this can be frightfully peculiar. 

Lina Marcela Medina is affirmed to be the most youthful mother ever, natural cycle at the youthful age of five years and seven months later. Lina Medina was brought into the world on Gregorian schedule month 23, 1933, in Peru. She came from what gave off an impression of being an unassuming family, her mom by the name of Victoria Losea Joined Countries organization was a household maker and her dad by the name of Tiburelo Medina Joined Countries office was a silver-laborer. 

At five years old and about a half year, her people saw AN unusual stomach growing that at first sight they figured it might are some style of tumor notwithstanding would have not speculated that after diagnosing from Dr. Gerardo Lozada, Lina was genuinely seven months pregnant. From the start, the fogeys didn't envision that it's feasible to be pregnant at that age and took Dr. Gerardo for an idiot. so they need taken Lina to an expert that really affirmed the primary diagnosing. 

Assault, Interbreeding, or one thing much Grimmer? 

After hearing this news, the specialist known as the police that straight off abating Lina's dad in light of the fact that the first suspect. when each seven day stretch of cross examination, the police needed to release Tiburelo as they needed more confirmation to demonstrate that the daddy had prepared his own child. The subsequent suspect was Lina's cousin-german Joined Countries organization clearly had mental troubles that made the specialists expect he would be prepared to do a particularly horrendous demonstration, notwithstanding once more with no evidence, the police couldn't arraign him in light of the fact that the dad of Lina's child. 

The specialists attempted to initiate a few answers from Lina inside the presence of her mom to inspect on the off chance that she recollected that anybody hurting her or assaulting her. With the child remarkably befuddled in regards to all that was going on to her, the police once more had no reason a potential suspect or suspects. With no any confirmation, nor drives, the specialists conceived the case. 

Lina's people, Victoria Losea and Tiburelo Medina 

In a composing in regards to the case from 1955, the creator Luis Leon expresses that a great deal of the far off towns from South American nation order customary "strict celebrations" that cause group sex or maybe assault that exemplified minors or children of such youthful ages as Lina. inside the shortfall of a ton of conceivable hypothesis on Lina's case, it's accepted that she was really assaulted at one in this load of weird and wiped out celebrations. 

these days ever: 48 years past, Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah given to the extraordinary past in capital of Romania . 

Because of her young age and lacking body for a maternity, the sole technique for her to introduce birth to the child was through a cesarian, this concerned a few dangers that would have place Lina's life at serious risk. when Lina Medina was eight months pregnant and her people were constrained by the media, her mom admitted that Lina began her feminine cycles at three years old. it totally was subsequently found by experts that she experienced a condition comprehend as intelligent season of life, which implies that her sexual organs would be created at a truly youthful age, Organs that discharge development and sex chemicals start to work unusually right off the bat in life prompting this condition. the exact justification this condition stays obscure. 

The Specialists at the maternity realized that there was a high probability for the child to have significant troubles as Lina's young creature was thought at an opportunity to be lacking, so not able to supply the child the nourishment required once creating all through the nine months of maternity. With a supernatural occurrence, the child was conceived solid at an optimal load of two.7 kilograms and coincidently on mother's day ordinal of might, 1939. 

The youngster was named Gerardo Medina, a standing stirred by Lina's primary care physician Joined Countries office helped her through work. The dad's personality actually stays a secret even to the current day. what's sure is that Lina was another guiltless youthful casualty of administrative offense. a great deal of disturbing that this can be as yet happening to the current day. 

Lina's people attempted to supply her child and their issue a standard youth by disclosing to them as they grew up the connection between the 2. It's excellent that Lina's people ensured her security and didn't utilize Lina's unmistakable condition for acquire. a few specialists and specialists took a monster interest for Lina's situation and consequently expected to survey her in addition as her child. Lina's people once more rejected as they expected to supply Lina a standard youth. 

Lina stays perfectly healthy nowadays, at the glad age of 87. Not a ton of is thought with respect to Gerardo Medina, nor all through the last many years in light of the fact that the public had adored the protection of the Medina family. 

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