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Wait For the True Breakthrough.

There is always a right and false way of getting things.

Money is a necessity and everyone needs money.The fact that we need money to pay the bills does not mean we should compromise on the way of earning money.You can earn money through a salaried job or start your own business where you sell useful products created by others or create your own products that solve people's problems and sell them to make money.The blessings of the Lord makes a man rich and adds no sorrow unto it.May the Lord release a special blessing and favour upon you that will lift you out of financial poverty.

When you experience financial breakthrough through the above mentioned ways,it is called a true breakthrough.However if you decide not to work or do your own business but go to a fetish priest to instruct you in the way to make more money and you start getting money,this breakthrough is false and won't last and even open the door for demons to torment you.Wait for true financial breakthrough;I know you are in financial distress and can barely get money to do things but that is about to change.Your days of financial lack is coming to an end.Don't compromise and get money through the wrong means.Trust in the Lord your Provider and He shall give you financial rest.

A false breakthrough is when a male manager offers a lady who has been jobless for 5years a job and ties it on the string of sex which the Lady agrees to.She got the job alright with a fat salary and attractive benefits but she has been turned into a sex doll.She fears she will lose all the benefits when she breaks the string, so she continues living in sin.She drives a luxurious car,owns a beautiful apartment,wears all the expensive clothes but her way is false.

Mem said that he hated every false way through God's Precept.Like Mem, let our heart's also say I hate every false way.God's way is the best.The right way is the best.Let's go for the right way.David said in Psalm 23 that the Lord leads him in the paths of righteousness for his name sake.

Let us avoid every false way and breakthrough the enemy tries to lure us into.Let us wait patiently for the true breakthrough.Halleluyah.

God bless you.

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Thank you.

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