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Advises: What You Should Actually Be Doing At Age 20 And What You Shouldn't

Mostly learning financial independence. How to live with in your means, how to divide up your earnings so all the standard utilites are covered every month, rent is covered, a decent chunk is being saved towards a deposit on a house, a portion to be set aside for future learning.

Time, make a point of investing the 1st hour of each day into a qualification or skill that will pay you back in the future. Either learn a hands on skill like car maintenance or plumbing, this will pay you back even if you do not work in either industry, because you will save money having the knowledge enough to avoid getting fleeced by mechanics or tradesmen, alone being able to vet and verify contractors would be a great asset, giving you negotiation bargaining power.

Study qualifications that will enhance your income, making it easier to get a job, to pick and choose what role you want, and give you options should you find a boss is replaced with a douchbag.

Study thing that are not necessarily on your college/university/trade school curriculum. Do not disregard creative subjects. The brain has a logical side and a creative side, both need exercising to work in optimum.

Keep fit. Keep up with team sports, join a local amateur team, and attend on evening per week and a few hours on matchday weekends. Spend a little time networking with team mates and old boys after. The amount of job openings I've got because of casual chats at the bar after rugby.

Avoid getting wasted. And dabbling too much in fun substances. Immediate pleasure usually equals displeasure in later life. I'd say if you are going to try anything make sure you are with a decent wingman and you stick together make sure you both avoid killing yourselves or getting locked up or the pitterpatter of little feet.

Avoid getting serious with a lady, wrap up. Get all your house in order first, there is always a new year of young ladies coming out of college. While a gentleman only improves in stature as he gets his sh!t in order. If you get her pregnant you have got to step up, put all your adventure plans aside, this little person is now your adventure and best keep momma on your side, working with you.

If you are dating a decent woman try to keep it less frequent than 1 date per 2 weeks. Any more frequent and she thinks you are serious. Any less and she will probably go off the boil. In the mean time you can keep busy with work and your studies and your sports, and the other tinder matches.

You probably won't want to get serious before 30, she will definitely be ready by 30. That's probably the ideal age to get married, but not every woman is a keeper, some just are not compatible with yourself, sometimes you are just not ready for a good woman, and cannot see her standing in front of your eyes shouting at you with her kindness.

Life is the experiences we learn from, its the ups and downs that build our character, and in the trials and troubles that we get the chance be really proud of who we are.

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