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Accessing Students Loan Online Or Manual. Check Out The Processing Period.

The Students Loan Trust Fund is a public financial agency which support students with loans. Tertiary students in accredited institutions have equal opportunity to access these loans to cushion them while in school. It may not be that much though but half a loaf is better than none.

However, before a student can access these loans, they have to go through application process which can easily be done online through and provide the required particulars. Alternatively, an applicant may contact the students loan trust fund by visiting any of the zonal branch offices across the country. The necessary assistance you may require can be given by the officials in the offices.

The application is not however an automatic means for loan disbursement. The information you have given about yourself, your admission status, your guarantor information among is now verified. If the information you have provided is authenticated, then the loan amount you qualified for is finally disbursed to you. This may definitely take some time because due process ought to be followed.

This process may take not less than three weeks to a month. Hence, a prospective applicant needs to exercise much restraint while waiting for their loan to be paid. However, it should be noted that the application process is entirely free and nobody is expected to pay any charges as processing fee to any official.

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