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10 Investments To Make Before You Are 30 Years

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1. Invest in yourself:Master a skill and practice it within your town or community. They are the people to refer you to people to generate more money

2. Make Savings: Make sure you save every month no matter how small it is. Do not save into your own pocket, save at the Bank to earn interest on your capital.

3. Pursue a business venture: Make sure you start your own business in your community. Don't start a business everyone is doing. Be innovative and bring new ideas for you to succeed in your business.

4. A Retirement Plan: Make sure you plan for life after retirement if not going out for dinner will be something difficult for you. Aside your social security contribution, do your own savings.

5. Acquire Assets: Make sure you have assets to your name so that incase you lose your job you will have something to rely on. Buy a land or build a house for yourself. You can also buy commercial vehicles to be operating for you.

6. Offset Debts: Make sure you settle anyone you are owing to avoid stress. Do not spend on anything. Do not take loan to invest because it's a very bad idea and you would not benefit from it. Free mind can improve your productivity and effeciency level.

7. Invest in Quality Relationship: Make sure you surround yourself with people who have the same vision with you because you are building a team of millionaires. They can help you achieve your goals.

8. Insurance: Insure your assets and your life as the future is not known. You can lose your assets at anytime but when you insure them, you will be covered.

9. Real Estate: Build a house and give it out for rent. It is one of the Investments with less risk.

10. Have your own apartment: have an apartment for your family to avoid being chased out by someone.

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