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If an ATM machine doesn’t give you your money after withdrawal don’t panic, do this immediately

Sometimes we may decide to use the automated teller machine in withdrawing our monies from our bank accounts which is quite simple, safe and secure but may sometimes have problems.

A lot of people may have faced the problem of either the ATM swallowing their cards or withdrawn money not arriving in time. This is usually occurs when an unusual activity is detected in the machine’s system or there is a glitch or malfunctions or probably a fraudsters attempts to hack their systems which will automatically reject the transaction.

When this happens be rest assured to follow these few steps probably and you may be able to get your money in a few days time.

1.The first thing to do is to report to the bank officials immediately lodging a complaint to them. They will look into the matter and your money might be refunded into your account in a few weeks.

2.Be patient, sometimes due to network issues the machine may malfunction hence delay the processing of the money and if you move away it might be withdrawn and a stranger will steal your hard earned money.

3.You may also call the costomer care center numbers immediately if the bank is closed or is beyond banking hours or probably on weekends which they may not be working.

You may also contact them on their social media handles and lodge your complaint, it is always good to secure your ATM card information and prevent people from looking at your pin as they can steal your money.

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