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Let Not These Expenses Come From Your Monthly Salary.

The cost of living a comfortable life will constantly continue to get higher. Your income level and expenses will always be a point of consideration in all matters. Interestingly, we can't satisfy our needs without spending. Even if you don't earn anything or have any source of income, you still must spend in other to meet some of you basic needs such as food, clothing, utilities, transportation among others. You may have other social responsibilities to take up. If you find yourself either in the public or private sector as a salary worker, it is very important that you do not depend on your salary entirely.

There are however a few things that may create a balance for some salary workers. For instance, some salary workers have free accommodation. This is common in the security services. With this they are relieved from renting. You may save your rent for other things.

Utilities and transportation are another expenses that we always make. Even when you don't need to go to work by transport, you surely will have to travel somewhere. And you will surely spend. Depending on your income, you may not be able to do a lot of things that you wish to do. As a salary worker, no matter how much you earn, you need to always get a side hustle to be able to augment whatever you earn. It is only when you are able to earn something aside your salary that you can live a comfortable and stress free life. When you have a side hustle, that will cater for fueling your car or motorbike as well as maintenance if you have one.

You don't necessarily need to fuel your car from your salary. Also, your airtime and data bundles. A side hustle can also cater for your airtime. Salaries are paid at the ends of months. Things that you can not afford to keep until the end of month should not necessarily be put into monthly budget. This may seem difficult to some people but the best way is to avoid putting so much burden on your salary.

This is the only way to gain financial freedom. You can start by selling credit cards at home. From this you can also get your airtime from the profit you make. Buy bags of sachet water and sell. You'll surely make some profit and this can cater for your electricity and water bills. No matter how insignificant it may look, it will definitely help you in one way or the other.

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