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How to get your money back from a stubborn debtor in a natural manner

Do you find it difficult to deal with your debtor's personality? 

Is it difficult to deal with your debtors? 

Are you having trouble figuring out how to get your money back?

Debtors are diverse in terms of appearance, stature, and personality. Your debtor may be courteous and apologetic if you're lucky. However, it's more likely that you'll encounter unfavorable behavior.

Some debtors believe they are far more intelligent than you. In this instance, your debtor will give you a lot of excuses for nonpayment, and they may even believe they don't owe you any money. To find solution to this, use this natural tips to get back your money.


hot red powder pepper 

Leaf of Sida acuta 

Using a pen and paper

Write the debtor's name on a piece of paper, sprinkle it with pepper, fold it, and take it to where this plant grows (sida Acuta) and uproot it. Place the paper inside the hole, mention his name seven times, and how he should return your money in peace, then replace this leaf and depart. Wait and see what happens.

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