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The strongest way to attract money favor and luck.

Many people all over the world are struggling for financial breakthrough and favor.

Money they say answers all this article,l will teach you one of the strongest way to attracts money or financial favour.

Items needed

1) River water.

2) Pure honey

3) Coins

4) Pure natural cow milk

5) A clean glass or plastic container.

Please follow strictly the steps below.

1) Fetch water from a river into your glass jug or container and bring it home.

Before you fetch from the river, be barefooted and speak to the river about all your financial needs and plead with the river to fetch some for help.

2) Pour your natural cow milk into the jag contain the river water.

3) Add your pure honey to the content.

4) Add an amount of coins to the content

Put it at a place in your room that no one can have access to it except you.

Pray over the content for 21 days and night.

In each prayer say all that you want God to do for you financially.

5) After the 21 days take the coins out of the content and at midnight or early dawn thus a time that no one will see you, look for a "four junction" and pour the content there. As you are pouring keep saying the good things you want in your life.

6) After, you can throw the jag away and come back home

Please Never look back whiles coming home or you can pass another ways back home.

7) Use the coins to buy anything and eat.

After that buy maize, beans, and some other cereals and and pray over them.

Do "Saraka" for birds and animal around.

8) Do another "Saraka" for children around you with any items.

Letter, come home and pray to God to open financial doors for you and you will see the wonders of God in your life.

NOTE: Abstain your self from any sexual act during these rituals.

Fasting and praying during these times makes the ritual more effective and powerful.

Thank you for reading. Comment,like,share and follow for more detail directions.

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