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Make money online from the comfort of your home (worldwide)

Hello wonderful readers, welcome back to my article page once again. Before you start reading, kindly press the follow button to follow me and get more updates and interesting articles to read everyday. 

Nowadays,economic crisis have lead citizens to look for different means in which they can make money. The percentage of unemployment has worsened the case since its hard for the young ones to join in on the work market. Therefore, most people have resorted to online businesses and jobs. 

I will be providing you with websites where you can provide your services and get paid for doing so right in your home. The first website is one which will be most useful to tutors( teachers) or people who are interested in tutoring others. 

The website is the LIVINGSTON RESEARCH. 

The registration process for the platform is absolutely free of charge, and there are only three(3) requirements for candidates to join the platform; 

  • The candidates should be over 18 years 
  • The candidate must have a fluency in English 
  • And he or she must have an inquisitive mind ( i.e one that is curious and seeks out new knowledge)

The tasks available on the platform ranges from 

  • Problem solving 
  • Analytic reports 
  • Different types of calculations 
  • Financial analysis and many more.

The orders that are placed are specifically on your field of work . It can be Maths,Finance, Banking and Accounting etc. Your task requirements are based on the task you take, but the general requirements include;

  • Finding original and correct solutions to your task 
  • Following your clients requirements

The payment you receive per task depends on the type of work, the work quantity, deadline and the level of difficulty your task comes with. The price per working hour ranges from $3 to $18, plus you receive working bonuses. 

They have different withdrawal methods  on the platform. These include;

  • Payoneer
  • Skrill 
  • Wire transfer 

This is how to get registered ; 

  • Filling a form by providing your personal and contact details
  • Passing a language test ( this test is meant to test your fluency with English)
  • Pass a test on the subject you choose as your line of expertise ( one you know is best for you) and complete a short sample task.

 light creator 

This is a writing platform where writers of novels and short stories have an advantage. On this platform writers are given bonuses and word count limits as shown below;

$10 for an Original Story.

In this part you should have a word count of 5000.Every story you write that meets the requirements is eligible to get this bonus.

Daily Update Bonus

For writers who update daily they can earn a maximum of $225 in a month.

The writers will receive the bonus by publishing at least one chapter daily.The platform offers you different bonus levels depending on the word count. 

Completion Bonus of $600

After you complete the creation of one story, you will receive the Completion Bonus. The bonus amount depends on the word count of each finished work. 

All the bonuses above apply only to writers who have signed their original works with the platform .The full bonus amount will be shown in your writer account of the platform . It can be withdrawn when the your balance exceeds $200.

All your entries must be original works and the copyright belonging to the you . You should beware of Plagiarism and repeated publication .Your story should not disrespect races, religions or cultural beliefs.Contents involving violence, and molestation are prohibited.Any violation will result in your removal from the bonus.

The last money making website for today is GoTranscript.


GoTranscript is a transcription platform where people are hired to transcribe captions, audios and videos. They are looking for people who are fast in typing what they hear. So it’s advisable to take typing lessons before joining this platform. 


Transcribers receive an average of $150 per month and the top monthly earners get as much as $1,215.

The registration process is as follows; 

  • They will send you an SMS with a code. You will need to enter it to verify that it is your phone.
  • Your facial photo will be taken for recognition 
  • You will fill a form with your contact and personal details 
  • All you need is computer or smartphone and an internet connection to start earning.

These are three(3) ways to make money online . Stay connected for more ways to make money online.

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