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Ghana Education Service: Caution All Teachers

Ghana Education Service: Caution to All Teachers

Teachers receive numerous text messages daily from financial services requesting to offer them loans, most of these messages are from fraudsters who parade themselves as officers of financial institutions.

There have been numerous complaints from some teachers about the activities of loan fraudsters.

Loan fraudsters send messages to teachers to offer them loans with low interest rates, sometimes a loan that repayment period can be paused by the teacher.

These individuals request for vital information from teachers, some teachers were asked by these fraudsters to give them their electronic payslip credentials as part of the requirements.

The fraudsters used the documents presented by the teachers and also used their electronic payslip credentials to access their mandate and affordability forms.

Without the mandate and affordability forms nobody can use others pay slip to secure loans.

Teachers are advised to be cautious with these loan fraudsters. They should deal with their trusted financial institutions.

Electronic payslip credentials should not be given to any official who may process loan for teachers, print your mandate and affordability form by yourself to avoid given them out. 

Teachers who give out Epay slip credentials to internet café attendant should be very careful. 

By Nedved 

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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