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Oheneyire: May Anyone Holding Our Financial Breakthrough in their 'Purse' Release Our Money to Us

Oheneyire Gifty Anti: May Anyone Holding Our Financial Breakthrough in their 'Purse' Release Our Money and Return to Us

Oheneyire Gifty Anti is one of the few celebrities in Ghana who has being very interactive with her followers on social media especially Facebook.

Each and every day, she will post contents that will either inspire, motivate, educate and or challenge you to want to do something good for yourself.

Though she is one of the great women achievers in Ghana and even Africa at large, she has always alluded that she came from a very humble beginning. 

This has some how contributed to her sensitivity to understand and relate more to the pains and struggles of some of her followers. 

As she usually does, she recently shared an interesting post with her followers. 

However, this time not her usual motivational and inspirational messages but a prayer. 

Oheneyire shared two sensitive prayer topics that I believe may be among the most prayed about topics for most of us the youth. 

Now these are the details of the prayer:

1. As we go out to hustle today and look up to God to make a way for us, may anyone holding our Financial Breakthrough in their 'Purse' release our Money and return to us. 2. May anyone holding on to our opportunities find us and give us our opportunities; and may God grant us the grace to prepare for the opportunities

The last part of her prayer says "today, let do our very best and leave the rest to God. 

This is a reminder to Oheneyire Gifty Anti's followers and everyone reading this blog that, we must not forget to pray about anything we want to achieve or accomplish. 

Again, as we wait on God to open doors of opportunities for us, we should not lazy about, but rather do our best by working hard and preparing ourselves for the opportunities we may be waiting for. 

Some of us Africans believe that most of our predicaments and the challenges we face in life are caused by some evil forces ( unseen wicked spirit) whose sole aim is to bring problems into our lives. 

Though some people in other parts of the world do not believe that there are evil spirit that fight against human beings, Ephesians chapter 6 versus 12 indicates that we do not wrestle against fresh and blood. 

Ephesians 6:12

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Again, there are countless people who have given testimonies about how through persistent prayers and fasting, they were liberated from the oppression and suppression of the evil one. 

There are also people who have succumbed and given up on life's challenges because they believed that what they were going through was beyond them. 

Some even go to the extent of taking their own lives because they felt that life wasn't fair to them. 

The battles of this life can truly be won by prayers and hardwork as Oheneyire is encouraging her fans to pray. 

But we also need the spirit of Determination, Fortitude and Perseverance so that when answers to our prayers seems to delay and our hard work is also not breaking grounds, we will not kill ourselves but persist with the hope and belief that God will make a way some day. 

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