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Some Bad Attitudes That Make Money Keep Running Away From You And How To Stop Them

Away From You And To Stop Them

Whenever will receive a stack of cash, how do we spend it? Most times how it is spent becomes unexplainable no matter how huge the money was. No one is stealing from you but rather your bad money management habit is sucking you dry. Below are some bad money habits you should stop before you go broke.

1. Extravagant spending

What was the number of things you purchased this month that wasn' t necessary? This act has been the cause of most empty pockets. You should spend according to what you earn. Buying unnecessary expensive items all the time, why you are an average earner can make you always complain of money.

2. No goals

Having no vision in life or goals can affect us in all round of our lives including monetary issues. Setting goals make us build a better future suitable for our desires. Creating financial goals can add more value to your financial lifestyle and secure economic situations in the future.

3. Empty savings

When you receive your salary or business profit what do you do first? You should pay yourself first. What do we mean by that? It means setting aside taxes, incoming expenses, and bills then keeping a part of the money for your personal savings. Having no savings is a very bad way of living. Savings can help save your day when unplanned huge expenses fall your way.

4. No budget

You shouldn' t be spending money if you don' t have a valuable budget. Not having a budget is the chief cause of extravagant spending; when you do not know how your money was quickly used up. Planning a budget can restrict and save you from many financial death traps, so pick up your pen and book and set down a very wise budget that will help you estimate the amount that will and should be spent every month.

Try to start stop all these attitudes and start doing what you we' rent doing.

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