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I Was Denied From Withdrawing Money From My Account Because Of My Dreadlocks -Man Says In Interview

This article is not meant for advertisement but if his career or any product associated but rather to enlighten people about trending news on social media that's getting lots of people reacting to it.

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Ghanaian rapper Pure Akan has spoken about the inconveniences he suffers because of his dreadlocks, it is quite violent as people look down on others due to situations or differences in ideology.

It's just recent that deadlock became a great trend on social media as two first-year students weren't given admission to an educational institution just because of their choice of hairstyle.

Humanity lives by rights and freedoms and is quite liberating if an allocated right to an individual Is infringed upon due to one expectation or choices. It's easier to get people together if we cope with tolerance and accepts each and everyone's choice so far as it doesn't go against the supreme laws of the country.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, Pure Akan said the police are very critical about dreadlocked people like himself where his water is even searched to see if he possesses narcotics or ammunition. Most people with dreadlocks are free of narcotics but because of their looks people, especially the security agencies as well as the law enforcement groups.

It's enshrined in the rule of law that a human can choose which so ever life he likes if only it doesn't infringe upon others rights. on the side of Pure Akan, he was denied to withdraw money from his mobile money account from a merchant quite believed to be in Accra due to his looks.

Is What the mobile money merchant did right? leave your replies and opinions in the comments section just below the page.

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