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Ways of making Passive Income

What are some ways of making passive income?

1. Businesses working for you.

2. Money working for you.

I will give you just 2 examples of a passive income then you will go and do research to get more.

Put that into practice and see how your financial life will have a U- Turn.

1. *Rental business* is a perfect passive income stream...

You have the iteams, people just keep collecting it and returning it while your money keeps growing like grass.

You use your money to buy the items and the iteams now work for you to bring in money.

You need to work for money till your money start working for you. Rental Business is an awesome example.

2. Writing ebooks: after doing the initial work by spending your time to write an ebook, you can now sell it over and over and over again at anytime.

This is another source of Passive income.

Anytime i need urgent money from my ebook, i will just create a WhatsApp group link and generate Traffic to it,

Create a mind blowing offer around it and you will see people rushing for it.

Simple as XYZ.

Think of business that can work without your presence.

This entails putting your money to work.

You see, you have to work hard for your money until your money begins to work hard for you.

Your money has to work hard to take your place.

As a Person, you can write an ebook of 30 to 50 pages and you can sell it online and make over populated money if you know the strategies, but if you don't know the strategies, you will fail in flying colours.

Don't worry i will be teaching some of the strategies here.

People don't like reading 200 pages of books, people are Lazy and when you make things easier for people they will always love to buy from you.

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