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Woman seen in a betting company cause stir on social media

This is a mother, carrying her son at her back inside a betting shop, hustling for what she and her children will eat. She didn't sit down in her house, waiting for her man or someone else to go and, hustle for her to eat. Rather, she stood up, dressed and walked into the nearest Betting shop to hustle for herself. She knows that life generally is all about risk. If you can't take risk, then you can't make it in life. This picture teaches us a thousand lessons.

Don't sit down, waiting for food to fall from the sky. Stand up, leave your comfort zone, move away from the shore and launch out. Take measured and calculated risks, spread your risks, plant in the morning, afternoon and night because you don't know which one will germinate. If you fail, you can try, try and try again. One day, luck must shine on you.

Take that risk to change your Financial Situation for good. If you don't try New Opportunities, you will continue to remain the way you are!

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