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How to prevent evil eyes from your money.

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Cash they say is the foundation of all underhanded. Cash is any article that is by and large acknowledged as installment for labor and products and reimbursement of obligations in a given country or financial setting. 

It is frequently said that cash has wings and can take off if not took care of well. 

We have seen individuals who used to be rich for some time yet later loosing everything and returning to nothing. 

Maybe this is on the grounds that they misused cash 

Cash is more otherworldly than physical. That is the reason individuals guarantee that it tends to be depleted profoundly. 

Another fantasy about cash that causes mix is that a few group have awful cash. They can utilize it to deplete your cash when they purchase from you or when their cash gets into contact with yours. 

As though that isn't sufficient with cash some case that when you are a broker or in the event that you handle cash consistently you need to place pepper in your cash compartment. 

Vendors, susu authorities and even financiers are affirmed to put pepper, garlic and now and again charcoal in their cash holder as they accept that by doing that nobody can pull their cash 

What other cash legend do you know 

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