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GCB to shutdown Electronic Platforms temporarily. Find out the reason and the time given.

The digitization of our financial transactions have come to stay. The various electronic payment platforms of financial institutions have provided a 24 hour service to their numerous customers. It also provides the necessary convenience that makes it possible for the use of these electronic payment platforms. The use of the short codes and credit cards have significantly reduced the cases of long queues at baking halls. By now, almost all customers of GCB bank are familiar with the *422# short code. This allow customers to do their bank transactions at the comfort of their homes. The various credit cards such ATM, VISA, MASTER CARD among others are all available at GCB bank branches across the country.

In spite of the convenience and it's attendant challenges such as system failure, network and some fraudulent activities, it also important for periodic maintenance to be done. In this regard, GCB Bank, which is the leading financial institutions in the country has given notice to it's cherished customers on a maintenance work o their electronic payment platforms.

Per the statement, the electronic platforms will be shut down from Saturday, June 5 at 11.00pm to Sunday, June 6 at 6:00am. This is to allow for some maintenance work to be done. Fortunately, GCB operates Saturday banking. Customers can therefore get to any of the banking halls and do their transactions. This is the only way to adjust to any inconveniences it may cause. Alternatively, those who have accounts with other banks can do their electronic transactions with those banks if need be.

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