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Online Banking & Shopping Cybersecurity Tips

Here are top 5 online banking and shopping tips that can help you protect your privacy and funds, against cybercriminals.

1. Always use credit cards for online shopping and online payments.

Credit cards offer much more protection and less liability if your information was to be compromised. Moreover, in case of a fraudulent transaction, credit card companies possess the ability to reverse the charge and hopefully, investigate the issue further.

2. Never save your payment Information on any retailer website.

Never save usernames, passwords, or credit card information in your browser, and make sure to clear your offline content, cookies, and history. In addition, when shopping online, consider checking out as a guest user rather than creating an account, as well as utilizing your private browsing feature.

3. Always verify, the banking website page.

Always ensure that the site you are entering your personal or financial information on is legitimate and can be trusted. Ensure that the website URL has “HTTPS” in the beginning. This indicates that the site is secure with encryption to protect your data.

4. Never use a debit card for online shopping.

Since debit cards are linked directly to your bank account, you’re at a much greater risk if a criminal were to obtain this information. Therefore, always remember that it is best to rely on your credit cards while shopping online.

5. Set up and use banking Multi-Factor Authentication, if optional.

With two-factor authentication (2FA), you get an extra layer of security that hackers may not be able to crack as easily, because the criminal needs more than just the username and password credentials. 

6. Do not use public Wi-Fi, for online banking and shopping.

Public Wi-Fi networks may seem very convenient to use but are not secure at all especially the ones which are not password protected. Using public Wi-Fi for any shopping activity can potentially leak your usernames, passwords, texts, and emails.

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