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How Do Loan Firms Get Gov't Workers' Contacts For Spams?

Salaried workers on the Controller And Accountant General's Department payroll system have been receiving an unending loan messages on their phones every day from loan firms who claim to offer low-interest rates and collateral free loans to workers.

The menace has been going on for many years and no one seems to make noise about it. There is no single day that I do not receive spams from these self-acclaimed loan officers who sit in the comfort of their homes to disturb us. One could receive as many as ten different spams a day, and even worse on weekends and holidays.

As if that was not enough, they sometimes call you on the phone with office lines or personal numbers and mention your name right away to discuss their loan packages with you. This shows that those people have our personal details such as contact numbers and names. There have been instances where teachers have been duped by these unidentified individuals all in the name of securing cheap loans. Recently, three persons have been arrested in connection with that. This makes the issue severe, hence deserves all the necessary attention. 

People have asked how and where these loan firms get hold of our personal details, but no one seems to get an answer to it. I have heard people alleging that the Controller has been selling our contacts to them. Others have also alleging that they get them from the telecommunication companies. Lastly, some have again alleged that the Electoral Commission is the one behind it. Meanwhile, all these allegations have not been proven with evidence, so we cannot say for certain who is behind it. 

Regardless, when you call the telecommunications companies to help you block these unsolicited messages, they will say type “BLOCK” and send it to a short code. Perhaps I am the only one whose phone is not correct because that method did not work, and I guess you either. 

So are we going to sit aloof and watch whiles our personal details are given to third parties for an exchange of favour or money without our notice? Something definitely needs to be done about immediately. I am calling on the labour unions to address this pertinent issue to avoid any problems. 

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