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Affordable Modern Two Bedroom House Plan Ideas For Small Families To Save You From Rent

Rent is the number one killer nowadays, and my people in the urban areas can testify. If you are living in Accra and you own your house, then you probably would not understand what I am actually talking about. For my people who live in rented apartments, I say 'Ayekoo' for you are really working hard. The amount of money that is charged per single room is high enough, so I can only imagine if you are living in a two bedroom rented apartment.

If you take some time off your busy schedule and calculate your rent for the past five years, you would realize that you have built a two or probably three bedroom house in someone else's pocket. It gets worse if you are the type that makes unnecessary expenses all because you want to live big. So, instead of just getting yourself a single room self contain as a single guy, you end up renting a two or even three bedroom house because you have enough cash to.

At the end of the month, you have an extra empty room which you are paying for. Something like paying for two hotel rooms hoping that you will have a visitor to pamper, such a big waste of resource. The extra unnecessary cost if added up for five to ten years can actually help you get half or even a full plot, a big step to owning your home.

For people who already have the plots and are preparing to build something, a two bedroom house should be fine to house your small family. When it comes to family houses, I would advise you to go for a three bedroom house but since we all know how the tough the system is, a two bedroom will do the work. Follow me and check out my profile for more amazing home decor ideas.

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